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Little Guys Delivery Service Inc.- Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions will be deemed to have been accepted by the User on usage of the website You are requested to read them carefully before you use the services of this site.

1.0 Agreement to Terms

By giving your shipment to Little Guys Delivery Service Inc. (LGDS) for carriage, you agree to all the terms stated herein. No agent, servant or representative of LGDS has the authority to alter, modify or waive any provision of these terms.

2.0 Core Services

The core services provided by LGDS include ground transportation within Ontario. LGDS can also look after any National/International shipments by ground/ air.

3.0 Liability

LGDS's maximum liability is $2.00 per pound, computed on the total actual weight of the shipment, up to a total of $50.00, unless a higher declared value is made at the time the shipment is placed, and an additional premium is paid for added insurance. If a customer declares a higher value and pays the additional charge, our maximum liability will be the lesser of the declared value or actual loss.

4.0 Limitation of Liability

LGDS shall not be liable for any damages, whether direct, incidental (for example, alternate carrier transportation costs), consequential (for example, loss of profits or income), or special, whether or not LGDS knew that such damages might be incurred in any manner resulting from mis-delivery, failure to deliver or delay in delivery, in excess of: (i) in the case of fundamental breach of the contract of carriage, an amount equal to our maximum liability and the amount of all freight and other charges paid hereunder, and (iii) in any other case, an amount equal to our maximum liability. LGDS shall not be liable for loss, damage or delay caused by events that cannot be reasonably foreseen or controlled, including but not limited to acts of God, perils of the air, weather conditions, mechanical delays, acts of the Queen's or public enemies, war, riots, strikes, civil commotions, a defect or inherent vice in the goods, the acts or default (including but not limited to improper or insufficient packing, securing, marking or addressing of the shipment) by the shipper, owner, or consignee of, or anyone else with an interest in the shipment or any part thereof, authority of laws, or acts or omissions of public authorities (including customs and quarantine officials) with actual or apparent authority. LGDS will not be liable if a customer or consignee violates any of the terms of our agreement, or for loss or damage to shipments of prohibited items, including cash or currency. We cannot accept responsibility for loss, damage or delay of shipments if caused by any carrier a customer designates us to use for any portion of carriage. LGDS also offers no delivery time guarantees. All delivery times are subject to weather and traffic conditions.

5.0 Delay

LGDS shall not be liable for any loss, damage or delay with respect to shipments containing documents which must be delivered within a certain time or by a certain date, including but not limited to, price quotations, tenders, bids or other contractual offers, whether arising from negligence or otherwise.

6.0 Additional Insurance

Additional insurance beyond our regular coverage/liability may be purchased at a rate of $8.00 per $100.00 of insured value up to a maximum value of $3,000.00 for any goods other than those that are restricted or prohibited. The insured value of a shipment cannot exceed $3,000.00 without prior written agreement from LGDS.

7.0 Indemnity

LGDS shall be indemnified and held harmless against all liabilities, losses, claims, damages, costs and expenses of any nature whatsoever incurred as a consequence of a customers non-observance of any regulation of whatever nature which they are required to observe with regard to or in connection with the carriage of the goods shipped.

8.0 One Delivery Attempt

If LGDS is unable to make delivery of a shipment, a non-delivery notice will be left at the consignee's address stating that a delivery has been attempted. Subsequent delivery attempts will be subject to an additional charge.

9.0 Prohibited Articles

No service shall be rendered in the transportation of any of the articles shown below without first contacting LGDS:

  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Ivory
  • Animal products, non-domesticated
  • Live animals/birds/insects
  • Articles of unusual value (eg. gems, coins)
  • Perishables
  • Cash, bonds, stocks or other negotiable securities
  • PC monitors/TV's
  • Chemicals
  • Personal effects
  • Consumer commodities (as defined by Transport Canada) - Plants, incl. cut flowers
  • Dangerous goods / hazardous materials
  • Pornographic materials
  • Firearms
  • Seeds
  • Fish, seafood, meat and poultry (fresh or frozen)
  • Temperature sensitive goods
  • Furs
  • Tobacco
  • Gem stones
  • Unaccompanied baggage
  • Any other shipment that, in our judgment, could cause damage or delay to equipment, personnel, or other shipments or is otherwise prohibited by law. LGDS is also not liable for loss of or damage to any prohibited articles.

10. Proper Packaging/Labeling

Each article sent must be properly packaged and include the receiver's address, and be documented on an LGDS waybill.

11. Fragile Goods

Shall in all cases be sent "at the shippers risk" (eg. glass).

12. Right of Inspection/Refusal

LGDS reserves the right to open and inspect any package tendered to it for transportation, and refuse to carry any that are prohibited and, in our judgment, could otherwise cause damage or delay to equipment, personnel or other shipments, including those prohibited by law.

13. Maximum Weight and Size

Maximum package size will be 150 pounds, or 108 inches in length, or a total of 130 inches in length and girth combined. Maximum skid size will be 1,500 lbs, or 48” x 48” x 48”. Packages or skids larger than the sizes noted above may be subject to additional charges.

14. Reweigh

LGDS reserves the right to reweigh shipments, notwithstanding that a weight has been declared on the shipping document, and adjust rates accordingly.

15. Chargeable Weight

Calculated by multiplying length x width x height of each package in inches and dividing by 166 for dimensional weight in pounds, or 10 lbs./cubic foot.

16. Additional Service/Charges

See the rate guide or guides in effect at the time of shipping for specific rates for any/all additional services and/or charges (including but not limited to fuel) that may apply (all rates subject to change without notice).

17. Claims

Notice of loss or damage must be given to LGDS within 48 hours of the time of delivery. A written notice of intent to claim must be received at Little Guys Delivery Service, 620 Alden Road, Suite 105, Markham, Ontario, L3R 9R7, within thirty (30) calendar days of acceptance of the shipment.

The claim must include:

  • a photocopy of the waybill or Manifest covering the shipment,
  • the reason for the claim (i.e. loss or damage),
  • support documents to show the value of the shipment.

18. Payment

All shipments are on a cash basis unless the customer has established an account with LGDS prior to the service being performed. LGDS's credit terms require payment of all charges within fifteen (15) days after receipt of the invoice. Late payments shall be subject to a charge equal to a monthly rate of interest of 2.0% (24.0% per annum) on the total balance outstanding of any/all invoice(s). The shipper agrees to pay LGDS all shipping charges in the event of non-payment by the consignee or any other alternative party billed.

Sales Taxes

All applicable Federal and Provincial Sales Taxes required by law will be charged on all net freight costs plus any surcharges.

20. Applicable Law

The carriage of goods shall be deemed to include and be subject to the terms and conditions prescribed by law in the jurisdiction where the goods originate.

If you require more information, contact us at (905) 513-9600 or 1-888-513-9600

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